HIIT and run

I’m not a bodybuilder or a performance athlete. My workouts are all tailored to the level where I can tell that they are improving my life. My runs keep me balanced, the strength training I do is great for my back. Not much more.

That said, the YouTube algorithm recently fed me a video on High Intensity Interval Training (which I cannot find in my history at the moment, I’m sorry). In the video, it was suggested that HIIT promotes muscle growth and fat burning and may even cure cancer. (I tagged that last bit on.)

But, I was intrigued.

My HIIT run

My HIIT run as seen in smashrun

So, I programmed my running app to alternate between high intensity and low intensity every three minutes. You can see what that looks like in pace for me in the graph above.

I’ve done some other interval workouts. So, I wasn’t surprised at how hard the first three minutes at high intensity were. Or, that the following intervals actually got to a point where they maybe weren’t easier, but I suffered less.

The thing about the experience that surprised me is that I enjoyed it. There was something fun about feeling strong enough to push myself. It might be simply that I’ve only recently got back to running the route where I did the intervals, slowly ramping up my mileage and now it feels good to run what used to be a ‘long’ route at workout tempos.

Either way, I have the HIIT run saved in my app and I’ll be doing it again.


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